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Thai Cooking Lesson

If you’re looking for a place to learn about Thai food, Our Cooking School is one of your choices.

we offer guests the opportunity to learn and practice skills and knowledge necessary to prepare delicious, healthy Thai food. We teach you how to be creative and understand the basic of cooking Thai food as we don’t have a fixed menu for you, you can cook what you wish to cook.

We don’t teach you only how to cook
Thai food. Our school is set in a beautiful, serene organic farm
and garden; you will learn how to grow vegetables and taste herbs in our own garden, as well as cooking
and enjoy your food in a relaxing atmosphere.
Our garden has many different kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruits such as
basil family, root family, hot peppers, mushroom, eggplants, limes, and many more! These can be used as ingredients during the class that means no toxins in your dishes.

Teachers are experienced, fun, and able to give students personal help.
Classes are small, so the environment is more close and friendly.
Recipes are beneficial and easy to be recreated at home and students will receive recipes book after finishing classes.

Course fee : 9,000 baht/10 hours/3 days/3-4 hours per day
(Can teach and obtain a certificate for Basic & Professional Courses)

Thai Language and Culture Lesson

These Thai Conversation Classes will get you speaking quickly. This Class Meets 3 Hours Daily for 3 Weeks. Our method focuses on learning easy simple patterns of structured Thai language. We then reinforce it with intensive Thai conversation practice and follow that up with E-Learning that Includes several audio samples so you can tune your ears, practice pronunciation and improve your ability to differentiate tones. You will be practicing conversation with your classmates from the first day of class.  By the following week we’ll be talking about future plans and what we did the night before. The course tuition includes the book and matching e-learning.  If you’re looking to learn Thai in Sukhothai quickly, this is the course for you.

Course fee: 10,000 baht/30 hours/15 days/2 hours per day
(Can teach and obtain a certificate for Basic & Professional Courses)

Thai Boxing

Headed by the very experienced trainer of champions, this program focuses on teaching the basic fundamentals of Muay Thai. This includes stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows and the defences to these techniques.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday there is sparring focusing on boxing in the morning and Muay Thai sparring in the afternoon session. These sparring sessions are controlled and focus on correct technique, with each student wearing protective equipment and being supervised by the trainers.

Every Saturday students are taught the Wai Kru Ram Muay by the trainers.
Course fee : 10,000 baht/25 hours/5 days/5 hours per day

Thai Massage Lesson

Thai Massage School has a proven record of turning earnest students into teachers that are equally able to teach the same curriculum as our school does. This is a great opportunity for students to have one-on-one trainings with our teachers to learn and strengthen the unique techniques throughout the course. Students of this training will have an opportunity to participate in the students’ demonstrations during daily lessons and to assist in observation and teaching of Basic & Professional Courses students.

Course fee :

Teacher License Course: 15,000 baht /25 hours /5 days/5 hours per day
(Can teach and issue certificate for Basic Course training)

Advanced Teacher License Course: 18,000 baht /25 hours/5 days/5 hours per day
(Provide Instructor certificate which enable to teach and issue certificate in Basic & Professional Course)

Thai Foot Reflexology Professional Training
In this reflexology training, students will be taught the advanced techniques of applying pressure using thumbs, fingers and knuckles on smaller effective points of reflective zones. More time will be spent focusing on legs, hands, arms, neck, shoulders and on how to fix the spine (chiropractic). You will learn how to check imbalance organ from feet by applied anatomy and physiology for foot massage. There will be plenty of practice on how to work properly on acupressure points and how to combine them in a Thai massage for effective healing. Workbook with chart will be provided.

Course fee: 9,000 baht/25 hours/5 days/5 hours per day
(Can teach and obtain a certificate for Basic & Professional Courses)